What you need to know about serving in Quito, Ecuador

A note to future Quito missionaries: You should plan to bring -anti-itch cream (a big tube) -cold medication (it requires a prescription here) -a hair dryer (for hair, wet shoes, incredibly cold house, etc) -lots of face sunblock (the brand you like bc they dont have it here.) -photos of you and your family -a […]

What’s in a name?

We have been teaching a sweet 18 yr old named Melanie. She is really great. She also has a little 8 month old baby boy. We asked his name this week and she replied, “well, he doesn’t technically have a name.” What??? She told us that she was in labor and was waiting for a […]

Cotopaxi, Cows and Crutches

Hey guess what? It hasn’t rained for the past 4 days!!! Wow. I think its summer! However, one funny thing was that Wednesday (when it did rain) we were walking to a member´s house out in the middle of nowhere and we saw a cow grazing in the field with a rain poncho on. Hahhahaha […]

True Daughters of God

Happy Mother´s day! Yesterday was great and I love my family. This week I learned some important lessons. For instance I learned that nothing can stop a true daughter of God from getting to church. Even when Elsa had to work from 7pm Saturday 7am Sunday she still came to Sunday meetings at 9. Even […]

Bad Hair Sunday

Dear Family and Friends, This weekend we went without water. It was only the south of Quito and we heard that they were going to cut the water Saturday morning and open it Monday morning. So, we planned to shower really well Friday to last the weekend, however when we got home that night… no […]

Holy Week!

Transfers!!! Well, these are always so so bitter-sweet. Mostly bitter, but you get the nice aftertaste in a couple of days. I am now in the south of Quito and am working with Sister Adams! She is very sweet and I am excited to spend time in this area with her. I left Ambato sad […]

Where’s the Beef?

One day we were walking in the street (how many of my stories start this way?) and we came across a kinda sketchy man just standing there outside of a house. We walked past and in doing so realized that he was one of our contacts a couple weeks ago. The sketchy man really isn’t […]